Whose (First) Line Is It, Anyway?

Once a day, this week, we’ve been tweeting the opening lines to SF Gateway books.  In case you missed them, they were:

Monday: Edward – you must come back to the Lodge. Please don’t delay for even an hour!
Tuesday: The volcano that had reared Taratua up from the Pacific depths had been sleeping now for half a million years.
Wednesday: The young lieutenant-colonel was drunk, apparently, and determined to rush upon disaster.
Thursday: ‘These people were giants,’ Tony said. He waved up at the towering ruin before them.
Friday: I have this continuing fantasy of assassinating the President. Any President.

But since all of those tweets contained links to the books in question, here’s another to really test you:

I am Kinnall Darival and I mean to tell you all about myself.

And if even that’s too easy, maybe you should venture over to the Gollancz blog and take our fiendish SF Masterworks quiz. There are prizes to be had!