The Stones of Nomuru

ebook / ISBN-13: 9780575103306

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ON SALE: 29th September 2011

Genre: Fiction & Related Items

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Wrestling Reptiloids is no job for milquetoasts.

Mild-mannered Terran archaeologist Keith Salazar was just minding his own business, digging up the alien past on an out-of-the-way site on the planet Kukulcan, when suddenly he was besieged by intruders on his scholarly peace: hostile natives, an indifferent ex-wife, and a demon developer with rapacious eyes glued on both his site and his true love.

In the course of protecting his dig, regaining his loved one and vanquishing his rival, Salazar will fight a giant reptilian predator bare-handed, leap into snake-filled pits, engineer the planet’s first imperial conquest, lead and train a battalion of alien riflemen and hold a séance. Pretty exciting work – but then maybe Keith Salazar wasn’t such a milquetoast after all.