Threshold of Eternity

Threshold of Eternity

Because of a twist in the structure of Time, three strangers were brought unexpectedly together: Red Hawkins of California, Chantal Vareze of London and a man from the 41st Century. Their meeting seemed an impossible prank of a universe gone mad – but it turned out to be quite otherwise.

For it seemed there was a war going on throughout space and time. A war fought by men of different epochs, on planets of different cultures, but for a cause that all could acknowledge – the very continued existence of creation itself.

And the coming together of these three very unlikely people – a modern man, a lovely girl and a futurian soldier – was to prove the master stroke of a super-science strategy that had already brought humanity to the THRESHOLD OF ETERNITY.
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On Sale: 17th December 2015

Price: £4.99

ISBN-13: 9780575101159