The Opoponax Invasion

ebook / ISBN-13: 9780575094949

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ON SALE: 21st December 2012

Genre: Fiction & Related Items

It’s 2248, and in a society so electronically wired-up that everyone is obliged to be imprinted with their own personal circuitry, it takes a pretty sharp operator to beat the system.

Joster Rack is such an operator.

He is a unique and special kind of thief: an electronic chameleon who can penetrate and manipulate any computer going. For years he has been just one step ahead of the all-powerful corporations whose empire stretches from Earth to the moons of Jupiter and back – but now they are finally closing in on him. For Joster has made a serious mistake: in pulling off his most audacious heist yet, he has revealed an Achilles heel. But even worse, he has unwittingly sparked off the most terrifying threat the human race has ever had to face – The Opoponax Invasion.