Glass Tiger

Glass Tiger

Brendan Thorne, ex-army Ranger and master CIA sniper, has turned his back on violence. But while working as a game warden at a Kenya safari park, an FBI team appear from nowhere, kidnap him and fly him back to the US to meet the newly elected President.

President Wallberg is being stalked by veteran Vietnam sniper and old schoolmate Hal Corwin. According to the government’s computers, Thorne is the perfect match for Corwin in every way. Only Thorne can stop him before he gets to the President.

Thorne pursues Corwin across America in a deadly game of cat and mouse, but as he closes in on his target, he learns that all is not as it seems, and that he can trust no one. Now he is caught in a web of deceit and ambition far larger than he ever suspected . . .
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Crime & Mystery

On Sale: 14th May 2015

Price: £4.99

ISBN-13: 9781471917639