Taylor Five

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781473230415

Price: £2.99

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Taylor Walker seems like any ordinary 14-year-old . . . if you overlook the fact that she lives on the island of Borneo, on a primate reserve run by her parents, and knows how to survive in the jungle.

Tay isn’t just like everyone else. But she is like one other person. She’s exactly like one other person. Tay is a clone, one of only five in the world, and her clone mother is Pam Taylor, a brilliant scientist.

When rebels attack her home, Tay escapes with her younger brother and Uncle, an exceptionally intelligent orangutan. As they flee for their lives, Tay must look within to find her strength: Pam’s DNA, tempered by Taylor’s extraordinary life.

She’s not alone, and she might be a clone, but she’s also unique.

What's Inside

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