Dream Makers

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Genre: Fiction & Related Items

When Charles Platt set out to answer the question, “Who writes science fiction?” he interviewed almost all the writers who molded the field during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. The profiles that Platt wrote have become a definitive source of information about the lives and careers of Isaac Asimov, Jerry Pournelle, Frank Herbert, Frederik Pohl, and dozens more.

Originally published in two volumes, the profiles collected here have been specially updated with afterwords written in 2017.

“There has never been a better book about science fiction; it is doubtful that there has ever veen a better book about writing of any kind.” -The Cleveland Press.

“A book of sharp, insightful, beautifully written essays . . . . This is quite probably the finest book of its type yet to appear.” -Publishers Weekly.

“A magnificent achievement, exemplary in its insights, its structure, its editorial restraint and perspective . . . a monumental book.” -Robert Silverberg.

“Platt held me spellbound for hours. . . . These are some of the best [interviews] I’ve ever seen.” –Analog magazine.

“A superb piece of work . . . full of color and warm empathy, it makes for charming reading.” -Alfred Bester.