Treason in my Breast

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781471909610

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ON SALE: 14th January 2016

Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Crime & Mystery

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It’s often the ordinary people who spot the murderer – whether they know it or not…
Classic crime from one of the greats of the Detection Club

‘Few murders would go unhung,’ said plump, cynical Arthur Crook, ‘if people used their eyes more. It’s the man selling violets in the gutter, the woman exercising her Pekinese, the chap reading the midday racing news in the Tube who actually have the chance to spot the murderer. They’re the people he can’t guard against.’

Arthur Crook is a delightful nosey-parker, and here his blustering humour and bulldog tenacity face their toughest test yet.

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No author is more skilled at making a good story seem brilliant
Anthony Gilbert shared with other successful crime writers a combination of writing talent and clever plotting skills necessary to make it in detective fiction's Golden Age ... Along with Agatha Christie [he] had a talent to deceive
Unquestionably a most intelligent author. Gifts of ingenuity, style and character drawing
If there is one author whose books need to be widely available, it is Gilbert