We Support Galactic Journey for the Hugo!

Ever since we became aware of it in the middle of 2015, Gateway has been a big fan of the Galactic Journey site, wherein the SF digest magazines of 55 years in the past are reviewed as if they had only just arrived through the letterbox.

We’ve conducted an interview with the head Time Traveller, Gideon Marcus, we’ve drawn readers’ attention to Galactic Journey reviews of Gateway books and authors, and now we officially endorse Galactic Journey for the Hugo Award in the Best Related Work category. (edit: we’re told the correct category is Best Fanzine)

Of course, there are many worthy potential recipients of the cherished rocket ship but we can’t think of another that so closely aligns with what we’re trying to do at SF Gateway. So if you have nominating privileges for the 2017 Hugo Awards, we urge you to include Galactic Journey on your ballot.  It’s interesting, it’s fun, it’s honouring SF’s legacy – and it’s Puppy-free!