Robert Silverberg’s Reflections: August 2014


‘Where Silverberg goes today, the rest of science fiction will follow tomorrow’

Isaac Asimov



Reflections is a regular column by multi-award-winning SFWA Grandmaster Robert Silverberg, in which he will offer his thoughts on science fiction, literature and the world at large.

This month: Flashing Before My Eyes

They say that when you’re dying your whole life flashes before your eyes in a matter of seconds. Maybe so, though I wonder how the reports of that phenomenon get back to us. In any case, last year in London I experienced a pretty serious medical event, which in many instances can be fatal, although, as you see, that isn’t how things worked out for me. What saved me was a bit of very good luck indeed – the fact that it happened in the presence of a couple of expert medical technicians who brought me through the whole affair swiftly and effectively. For thirty seconds or so I may well have been on my way to the next world – and then I was back, and here I am, and I hope to stay around for a while.


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