Readers Choice Winner for November

The Readers’ Choice submissions for November were a fascinating cross-section of SF & fantasy.

From the always-excellent Pat Cadigan we had R. A. MacAvoy‘s Tea with the Black Dragon – shortlisted for the Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy and Philip K. Dick Awards! – while Gateway forum stalwart Starman Dave chose John Crowley‘s 1975 debut The Deep, and Twitter followers Grace Halden and Homeroral chose Blood Music by Greg Bear and Heathern by Jack Womack, respectively.

A worthy selection, as always, but you – yes, YOU! – with your democratically-bestowed power of clicking on stuff you find interesting, have decreed that November’s most popular selection was . . .

The Deep, John Crowley‘s debut SF novel, which means that Starman Dave is soon to be the proud owner of November’s SF and Fantasy Masterworks releases: the second volume of Douglas Adams‘ brilliant trilogy-in-five-parts The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Michael Bishop‘s acclaimed Transfigurations and 1988 Nebula Award-winner The Falling Woman by Pat Murphy.

Actually, because this is the final Readers’ Choice for the year, because it’s almost Christmas, and because we need to lessen the pile of books near our desk – if it toppples on us, our bodies may never be found – perhaps we’ll we send a book to everyone who entered.  Why not? ‘Tis the season and all that.

So congratulations to all – winner and runners-up alike! Our patented automated drone delivery vehicles will be depositing books upon your doorsteps real soon now – provided you email or tweet (DM only please) your postal address to us; we may have all the technology but we’re still deficient in the mind-reading department.

Readers’ Choice will be back again in 2014. Thanks to all who contributed such a terrific range of books during the year, and may we wish you all a happy and safe holiday period, however you choose to celebrate it!


If you have a personal favourite SF Gateway title that you’d like to see highlighted on the home page, just tweet us, email us or leave a message on the forum, giving us the title and why you love it in no more than 25 words and we’ll add you to the roster of Readers’ Choices.