Readers Choice Winner for October

It’s probably redundant to point this out on a website devoted to classic science fiction, but the Readers’ Choice submissions for October were all very . . . classic.

We had Fritz Leiber‘s Hugo Award-winning The Big Time, the third volume of The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon: Killdozer!, arguably Poul Anderson‘s finest single novel, Brain Wave, and Robert Silverberg‘s remarkable The Man in the Maze. Anderson, Leiber, Silverberg, Sturgeon: names to conjure with when discussing the history of the field.

As usual, any one of these fine tomes (can eBooks be ‘tomes’? Thoughts on a postcard, please . . .) would be a worthy winner, but the imps who power our arcane analytic engines dictate that this month’s winning entry is . . .

Fritz Leiber‘s 1958 Hugo Award-winner, The Big Time!  Stand ye forth, Colin Bell – known to all on the SF Gateway forum as The Star Plunderer – for yours is the glory and the reward. And what a reward! Because October was the month we re-launched the Fantasy Masterworks, you’ll be receiving copies of John Crowley‘s Aegypt, Lucius Shepard‘s The Dragon Griaule and Tim Powers‘ World Fantasy Award-winning Last Call, as well as October’s SF Masterwork release, Random Acts of Senseless Violence by Jack Womack.



Actually, to celebrate the Fantasy Masterworks re-launching, we might just fall under a spell of generosity and send a random book to everyone who entered.  Why the heck not? It’s almost Christmas, after all.

So congratulations to all – winner and runners-up a like – and keep an eye on your mail boxes . . .

If you have a personal favourite SF Gateway title that you’d like to see highlighted on the home page, just tweet us, email us or leave a message on the forum, giving us the title and why you love it in no more than 25 words and we’ll add you to the roster of Readers’ Choices.