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The Dosadi Experiment

The Dosadi Experiment

From the author of Dune, the greatest SF novel of all time, comes a stunning evocation of alien cultures

In the far future, humans and aliens have joined together in a galaxy-wide federation of intelligent species: The Consentiency. But its existence is now threatened by the discovery of a secret, illegal and deadly experiment on the planet Dosadi.

There, the froglike Gowachin have created a brutal society: 850 million beings, human and Gowachin, are confined in an area of 40 square kilometres. But the experiment in overcrowding is getting out of control: the beings that have bred on Dosadi are so tough and resourceful that they are capable of breaking out of their monstrous prison and overrunning the galaxy.
Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands

On prehistoric Orkney, the village of Skara Brae has been built among the dunes, nestled in the sand. Ruled by the tyrannical Long Axe, the villagers watch the weather and the sands, in fear of their home being buried.

Blue Feather is twelve when Long Axe declares that he wants her as his third wife. Her father is unsure, but cannot argue with the chief – when Blue Feather turns 14, she will marry Long Axe. At first she is delighted, but in the years following she becomes closer with a young warrior, Singing Dog, and doubt begins to creep in.

As Long Axe’s rule becomes more volatile, and the weather more threatening, will the village stay safe? Or do they need a new chief to help them through the storms?
Frank Herbert SF Gateway Omnibus

Frank Herbert SF Gateway Omnibus

From The SF Gateway, the most comprehensive digital library of classic SFF titles ever assembled, comes an ideal sample introduction to one of the giants of 20th century science fiction: Frank Herbert. Although best known for his award-winning Dune, Herbert’s other work is equally ambitious and accomplished. This omnibus contains three novels spanning some 20 years of Herbert’s career: The Dragon in the Sea, The Santaroga Barrier and The Dosadi Experiment.

In the endless war between East and West, oil has become the ultimate prize. Nuclear-powered subtugs brave enemy waters to tap into hidden oil reserves. Psychologist John Ramsay has gone undercover aboard a Hell Diver subtug where, hunted relentlessly by the enemy, the crew find themselves isolated in a claustrophobic undersea prison, struggling for survival against the elements . . . and themselves.

Santaroga seemed to be nothing more than a prosperous farm community. But there was something . . . different . . . about Santaroga. Maybe Santaroga was the last outpost of American individualism. Maybe they were just a bunch of religious kooks . . . Or maybe there was something extraordinary at work in Santaroga. Something far more disturbing than anyone could imagine.

Generations of a tormented human-alien people, caged on a toxic planet, conditioned by constant hunger and war – this is the Dosadi Experiment, and it has succeeded too well. For the Dosadi have bred for Vengeance as well as cunning, and they have learned how to pass through the shimmering God Wall to exact their dreadful revenge on the Universe that created them . . .
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