New Title Spotlight: Past Master

As noted last Friday, R. A. Lafferty is ‘the most important science-fiction writer you’ve never heard of’.And here is the book that set him on the path to greatness . . .

The golden planet of Astrobe, made in the image of Utopia, now faced a crisis which could destroy it forever; and yet, no one could understand it: In a world where wealth & comfort were free to everyone, why did so many desert the golden cities for the slums of Cathead and the Barrio? Why did they turn away from the Astrobe dream and seek lives of bone-crushing work, squalor and disease?

The rulers of Astrobe didn’t know, so they sought in humankind’s past for a leader who could give them the answers. They brought to life the one man out of history who would most want to destroy Astrobe!


You can find more of R A Lafferty’s work  via his Author page on the Gateway website and read more about him in his entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.