New Title Spotlight: Song for the Basilisk

Patricia A. McKillip has won the World Fantasy Award three times – twice for her extraordinary novels: The Forgotten Beasts of Eld and Ombria in Shadow – and once for Lifetime Achievement. She has also won the Mythopoeic Award three times, and been nominated a further eleven times, including for our spotlighted novel, Song for the Baslisk.

As a child, Rook had been taken in by the bards of Luly, and raised as one of their own. Of his past he knew nothing – except faint memories of fire and death that he’d do anything to forget. But nightmares, and a new threat to the island that had become his own, would not let him escape the dreaded fate of his true family. Haunted by the music of the bards, he left the only home he knew to wander the land of the power-hungry basilisk who had destroyed his family. And perhaps, finally, to find a future in the fulfillment of his forgotten destiny.

You can find more of Patricia A. McKillip’s work via her Author page on the SF Gateway website and read about her in her entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.