New Title Spotlight: The Classic British Telefantasy Guide

It’s been a while coming – we released the other cult TV guides by Paul Cornell, Martin Day and Keith Topping last year – but we’re thrilled to be presenting The Classic British Telefantasy Guide at last! This is what the authors have to say of it:

The text that follows is derived from the second edition of The Guinness Book of Classic British TV, published by Guinness Publishing in 1996, specifically the ‘BBC Telefantasy’ and ‘ITV Telefantasy’ chapters. It was written when the Internet barely existed, and at a time when few books had been published on the subject, especially in the style that we tended to adopt – a fan’s view of television, with an emphasis on what is seen on screen.

Various errors in the original text have been corrected, and Classic British Telefantasy features a revised introduction that combines, and brings up to date, the equivalent passages for both chapters. However, this eBook must not be considered a new or completely revised version of the original material. Too much time has passed, and if we were to start reworking and correcting the text now, we’d probably never finish. Instead, Classic British Telefantasy is an electronic reprint of some of our earliest work, repacked for a new format and, perhaps, a new age.

The Classic British Telefantasy Guide  publishes this Thursday, 30th July, and is available from all good eBook retailers!