New Title: The Starry Rift

Last summer we had the privilege of publishing James Tiptree Jr‘s extraordinary collection, Her Smoke Rose Up Forever.  We have a number of other Tiptree titles coming from SF Gateway, the first of which is The Starry Rift, which we published in eBook at the end of July.



These are the heroes of the Starry Rift, a dark river of night that flows between the arms of our galaxy: a headstrong teenaged runaway who makes first contact with a strange alien race; a young officer on a deep-space salvage mission who discovers an exact double of a woman he thought he’d lost; and the crew of an exploration ship who must plead for the human race to avert an interstellar war.

The Starry Rift is a collection of linked stories that take place in the same universe as her acclaimed novel, Brightness Falls from the Air (coming in November this year in paperback omnibus and eBook editions).