Masterworks Spotlight: The Riddlemaster’s Game

One of modern fantasy’s most assured and original trilogies – comparable to The Lord of the Rings and The Book of the New Sun in scope and grandeur.

Morgon, Prince of Hed, wants only to rule and work the land of his birth as best he can, but he is faced by a very different challenge from that of his ancestors. The stars have marked him out and he must wander strange, foreign lands full of untamed magic, and confront riddling wraiths and mysterious harpists at the behest of the all-knowing High One. But his is a perilous quest, involving grave danger, to himself, his promised bride, his land and his people.

This volume contains The Riddle-Master of Hed, Heir of Sea and Fire and Hugo and World Fantasy Award-shortlisted Harpist in the Wind – all available as individual eBooks – the complete Riddle-Master trilogy, which is among the most respected and popular fantasies of recent years.