New Book of the Week: Beyond Lies the Wub

Beyond Lies the Wub, the first volume of the collected stories of one of the twentieth century’s greatest SF writers, this is a matchless display of Philip K. Dick’s quirky, humorous, idiosyncratically philosophical world view. With one exception, all the stories of this volume were written over a nine-month period between 1951 and 1952, when Dick was making his first impact as a writer.


Beyond Lies the Wub (eBook | paperback) contains:

The Little Movement
Beyond Lies the Wub
The Gun
The Skull
The Defenders
Mr. Spaceship
Piper in the Woods
The Infinites
The Preserving Machine
The Variable Man
The Indefatigable Frog
The Crystal Crypt
The Short Happy Life Of The Brown Oxford
The Builder
The Great C
Out in the Garden
The King of the Elves
Prize Ship

Further volumes in the series are:

Vol Two: Second Variety (eBook | paperback)
Vol Three: The Father-Thing (eBook | paperback)
Vol Four: Minority Report (eBook not yet published | paperback)
Vol Five: We Can Remember it for you Wholesale (eBook not yet published | paperback)

The Father-Thing  is scheduled for the end of this month, with We Can Remember it for you Wholesale following in November.