New Book of the Week: Unseen University Challenge

‘Right, your starter for ten, no conferring: Which beginners’ course at Unseen University was taught by Jeophal the Spry?’


‘Quirm College for Young Ladies, Sto Helit.’


‘No, I’m afraid it’s Beginners’ Dematerialisation. Which occult force opened the bronze doors of the great Temple of Om without the touch of any human hand?’


‘The Assassins’ Guild School, Teatime.’


‘Hydraulics. Let’s try another one: what revolutionary new financial concept, imported by a tourist from the Counterweight Continent, caused most of Ankh-Morpork to burn down?’


‘Quirm College for Young Ladies, Thogsdaughter.’

‘Supply Side Economics?’

‘No, fire insurance.’


It’s going to be a long night . . .



Don’t neglect your education: Unseen University Challenge by David Langford & Terry Pratchett is our New Book of the Week.