New Book of the Week: Harry Harrison’s WINTER IN EDEN

Our New Book of the Week is one that has been eagerly awaited by many people: Winter in Eden, the middle book of Harry Harrison‘s extraordinary Eden trilogy.

The Eden series – West of Eden (1984), Winter in Eden (1986) and Return to Eden (1988) – [is] an ambitiously conceived Alternate-History sequence based on the assumption that the Dinosaurs did not suffer extinction and, in the due course of time, have evolved into saurians skilled at biotechnology. Their encounter with a savage humanity, and the irreconcilable differences between two intelligent species warring for Lebensraum, is an intrinsically interesting variation on the Prehistoric SF mode; the tales are tightly and informatively told, and dramatically gripping as the slowly approaching Ice Age adds intensity to the strife and the sense of peril. Along with his earliest sf adventures and Make Room! Make Room!, the Eden books are by a considerable margin Harrison’s best work.

~ The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

We’re delighted to be able to make this book available and complete the trilogy. Although we have addressed the reasons why we sometimes publish series out of order, it is nevertheless frustrating to us, as well as to our readers, when we have a gaping hole in the middle of series. As per the FAQ, in some cases it’s because we haven’t been able to locate a source file from which to produce our eBook, but in this case it was an issue of quality control – Winter in Eden is a huge book, full of non-standard language, names and punctuation and it just took us a lot longer than usual to check it.

But it’s here, now, and we hope you enjoy it.