SF Masterwork of the Week: This is the Way the World Ends

Are you, dear Reader, tired of the injustice that seems rife in the modern world? Are you tired of seeing man-made disaster after man-made disaster affect the lives of millions but those responsible apparently getting off Scot free? Do you believe that somebody – anybody – should be made accountable for some of these crimes against humanity?

Then you, dear Reader, need our new miracle cure: This is the Way the World Ends! For just £8.99 (and only £4.99 in eBook!), This is the Way the World Ends will solve all of your problems* and give you that elusive sense of justice that lesser cures promise but can’t deliver**.  Try This is the Way the World Ends now!


by James Morrow

When tombstone engraver George Paxman is offered a bargain, he doesn’t hesitate. His beloved daughter gets an otherwise unaffordable survival suit to protect her from radioactive fall-out and all George has to do is sign a document admitting that, as a passive citizen who did nothing to stop it, he has a degree of guilt for any nuclear war that breaks out. George signs on the dotted line. And then the unthinkable happens.

The world and everyone in it (survival suit or not) is destroyed in a nuclear Armageddon – except for George and five others who must now face prosecution from the great mass of humanity who will now never be born. And George Paxman stands accused in the name of all the people who stood by and never raised a finger to stop the horror of nuclear war.

A lacerating Swiftian satire on nuclear war, like 1984 before it, This is the Way the World Ends stands as a stark warning of the path history so easily might have taken – and still could . . .


* Warning: this may be a lie.

** And this definitely is.