In Praise of . . . Fantastic Fiction

Well, for what was supposed to be a regular feature, In Praise Of . . . has been pretty irregular. Maybe we need more fibre . . .

While you all struggle with that thought and try desperately to banish whatever images it’s conjured in your now-sullied minds, we will move blithely on – unaware, or at least uncaring, of the harm we’ve wrought – to lavish praise upon the excellent Fantastic Fiction. We like this site. A lot. How do you think we compile all those lists of classic SF books?!

Fantastic Fiction is an indispensable aid to us in putting together lists of books by the great and good (and frequently the unjustly forgotten) of SF and Fantasy.  We always check with the authors, estates and/or agents, but Fantastic Fiction gives us a great head start when we make our approaches – and we’d like to think the folks we’re acquiring rights from appreciate having a comprehensive list as a starting point for negotiations.

So: thank you, Fantastic Fiction. It’s not quite true to say we couldn’t have done it without you, but you’ve made what could have been a laborious and time-consuming task much, much easier. Much appreciated!