Galaxy 666: the Podcast!

Do not read too much Lionel Fanthorpe at one go, your brains will turn to guacamole and drip out of your ears

Thus spake Neil Gaiman, and who would argue with him?  Certainly not the intrepid reader who got in touch with us a few years ago asking to be put in touch with the legendary Lionel Fanthorpe regarding a podcast of one of his works: Galaxy 666.

Introductions were made, permissions secured and the result is The Galaxy 666 Podcast: A podcast of the worst novel ever published . . .

Welcome, my friends, to Galaxy 666, a galaxy of a book brimming with literary treasure of the most unexpected sort. Golden nuggets dug from the fertile minds of Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe (alias Pel Torro) . And there will be more–much more!

Arguably, the worst novel ever published, I would like to propose a podcast, an expedition, a treasure hunt, into the unexpected, the inexplicable, and, occasionally, the irredeemable.  In short, I propose a journey into Galaxy 666, Pel Torro’s 1963 seminal pulp-science fiction classic about four brave men who try to come to grips with being in Pel Torro’s 1963 seminal pulp-science fiction classic, Galaxy 666.

There are 70 episodes of about 5 minutes each – so it’s not a small investment in time! – but we think it will be worth your while. Alternatively (or, indeed, as well) you can buy the eBook and read in considerably less time.

Unless, of course, you don’t like guacamole . . .