On This Day: Christopher Riche Evans

On this day in 1931, Christopher Evans was born in Aberdovey, Wales. A psychologist and computer scientist, he was the author of a small number of non-fiction books, including Cults of Unreason – a lighthearted look at various  peudosciences, in particular UFO cults and that-religion-that-isn’t-really-a-religion-but-lots-of-Hollywood-stars-seem-to-think-it-is (you know the one).

He was also a contributing editor to Omni magazine, but his greatest influence on the SF world was probably as scientific consultant on the 1970s Thames Television series The Tomorrow People. Essentially a children’s wish-fulfilment fantasy, the series followed the adventures of a small group of mutant children – the next step in human evolution – who cassified themselves as homo superior and possessed telepathic abilities.  Stilted dialogue, poor acting and dodgy sets were a staple of the show; nevertheless, there was a heart and soul to the series and it is remembered fondly by many people, your humble Gateway correspondent included.