Happy Birthday, Buzz Aldrin!

Having suffered the indignity of overlooking a milestone birthday of one great figure, we have no intention of making it two-for-two so early in the year. As one of the most intellectually limited figures ever to hold high office (in)famously said: ‘Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice . . . I won’t get fooled again’.

Today is the 85th birthday of a very famous man. Author, engineer, war veteran, fighter pilot, astronaut . .  and the second human being to set foot on another world, Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr – forever known to the world as ‘Buzz’ – Happy 85th Birthday!

Enjoy some footage of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, featuring Buzz Aldrin and, of course, Neil Armstrong. Just don’t read the comments on YouTube unless you have a high tolerance for the idiocy of conspiracy theorists . . .