Gateway Essentials: Jack Finney

Seeing as today is the twenty-first anniversary of his death, it seems like an appropriate time to try to chart you a path through the works of Walter Braden ‘Jack’ Finney.

Finney wrote numerous SF novels, thrillers and mysteries, several of which were adapted to film. He is best known as the author of The Body Snatchers, which became the hugely popular and influential film, The Invasion of the Bodysnatchers – or ‘films’, actually, as it has been adapted four times. He was awarded the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1987.

The best place to start, obviously, is with The Body Snatchers, which is available as an SF Masterwork paperback and an SF Gateway eBook.

Then there are his acclaimed time traqvel novels: Time and Again and From Time to Time:

And finally, if you’d like shorter appetisers, the collection The Clock of Time is full of wonderful stories, including the brilliant ‘Of Missing Persons’:

You can find these and more of Jack Finney’s work via his Author page on the Gateway website, and read about him in his entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.