New Title Spotlight: the Worm Ouroboros

When J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings was published, reviewers saw that there was only one book with which it could legitimately be compared: E.R. Eddison‘s classic fantasy adventure The Worm Ouroboros.

The Worm Ouroboros

Set on a distant planet of spectacular beauty and peopled by Lords and Kings, mighty warriors and raven-haired temptresses, Eddison’s extravagant story, of a great war for total domination, is an unforgettable work of splendour. A glorious, lush tale of a great war for domination set on a planet of spectacular beauty.

You can find more of E R Eddison’s works via his Author page on the Gateway website, and read about him in his entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.