Happy Birthday, Rachel Pollack!

Today, Gateway wishes a very happy to birthday to SF writer, comic book writer and expert on divinatory tarot, Rachel Pollack, born in Brooklyn in 1945.

Highly regarded for her influence on the women’s spirituality movement and on women’s SF, Rachel Pollack is probably best-known to SF fans for her novel Unquenchable Fire, which won the 1989 Arthur C. Clarke Award, twenty-seven years ago – although comics fans might be more likely to recall her run on Doom Patrol for DC Comics from 1993-1995.

It is also just short of forty-five years since her first published work: the story ‘Pandora’s Bust’ – using the pseudonym Richard A Pollack – in no less a journal than New Worlds Quarterly No. 2 (Sept, 1971), under the editorship of the legendary Michael Moorcock.

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You can find more of Rachel Pollack’s work via her Author page on the Gateway website and read about her in her entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.


Happy Birthday, Rachel!