Gateway Essentials: Edgar Rice Burroughs

Last Friday we extolled the virtues of Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle.  On Wednesday, a new film opened in cinemas: The Legend of Tarzan, which prompted an interesting review-cum-Burroughs-retrospective in The Telegraph.

Seems like that’s a good time for us to unveil our Gateway Essentials choices for Edgar Rice Burroughs! We’ve written about the grand master of pulp adventure many times in the past – here, for example, or here or here – so there’s no need for us to repeat ourselves. Suffice it to say that if you’re looking for larger-than-life pulp adventures – breathless, primary-coloured, wide-screen romps across exotic landscapes, featuring square-jawed heroes, impossibly beautiful heroines and melodramatically hateable villains – then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether set in the African jungles, the centre of the Earth, on impossible prehistoric plateaus or on Venus or Mars or in the wild west, Edgar Rice Burroughs was truly the master of adventure . . .

You can find Edgar Rice Burroughs’ titles via his author page on the SF Gateway website, and read more about him at his entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.