Gateway Essentials: Tricia Sullivan

It seems birthdays are a little like political leadership contests: you wait for ages without one and then two of them come along right after each other (confession: it’s possible we’re trying too hard to be up-to-date and relevant here . . .).

Fresh from wishing one Gateway author a Bon anniversaire, we find ourselves lighting the candles for another. Today, we wish a very Happy Birthday to one of modern SF’s most original voices: Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning author and martial artist extraordinaire, Tricia Sullivan!

So where to start? Well, as it happens, Tricia has a brand new novel out – the critically acclimed Occupy Me – and that’s an excellent place to begin, but (bluff old traditionalists that we are) we can’t help but recommend Tricia’s Arthur C. Clarke Award-winner Dreaming in Smoke or her extraordinary dual-reality dystopia, Maul:


You can find more of Tricia Sullivans work via her Author page on the SF Gateway website and read about her in her entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.


Happy Birthday, Tricia!