Gateway Essentials: Garry Kilworth

Over the coming months we will continue to highlight the Gateway Essentials titles, author-by-author. How will we choose them? Excellent question, and when we have an excellent answer we’ll be sure to let you know. Meanwhile, our rigorous selection mechanics will include, coin tossing … percentile dice … Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock and … oh look! Birthdays!

Today, we wish a very Happy Birthday to one of Fantasy’s truly nice guys: cricket fan, world traveller, purveyor of fine tales for adults and children alike, Garry Kilworth. Winner of the World Fantasy and BSFA Awards, and shortlisted for the prestigious Carnegie Medal for Children’s literature, Garry is as talented as he is versatile. SF, Fantasy, historical fiction, Young Adult, Children’s – you name it, he can write it.

So where to start?  We recommend World Fantasy Award-shortlisted collection The Songbrds of Pain, and animal fantasies Hunter’s Moon and Midnight’s Sun:


You can find more of Garry Kilworth’s work via his Author page on the SF Gateway website and read about him in his entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.


Happy Birthday, Garry!