New Title Spotlight: Edgar Rice Burroughs: Master of Adventure

Although most of Gateway’s 3,000-plus titles are doorways to fictional worlds, we do have a small but fascinating collection of non-fiction. We have collections of essays and literary criticism, speculations on what the future might hold, unofficial guides to cult television, literary memoirs and biographies of the great and good of SF and Fantasy. Biographies like Edgar Rice Burroughs: Master of Adventure . . .

So, just how was Tarzan created? Eager to know the inside story about the legendary John Carter and the amazing cities and peoples of Barsoom? Perhaps your taste is more suited to David Innes and the fantastic lost world at the Earth’s core? Or maybe Carson ‘Wrong Way’ Napier and the bizarre civilizations of cloud-enshrouded Venus are more to your liking? These pages contain all that you will ever want to know about the wondrous worlds and unforgettable characters penned by the master storyteller Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Richard A. Lupoff, the respected critic and writer who helped spark a Burroughs revival in the 1960s, reveals fascinating details about the stories written by the creator of Tarzan. Featured here are outlines of all of Burroughs’s major novels, with descriptions of how they were each written and their respective sources of inspiration.

You can find more of Richard A. Lupoff’s work via his Author page on the Gateway website and read about him in his entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

And just a reminder that almost all of Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ fantastical works are available from Gateway!