100th Anniversary: Fred Hoyle

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Sir Fred Hoyle, one of the world’s most distinguished astronomers. He was noted primarily for the theory of stellar nucleosynthesis, his support for the ‘Steady State‘ cosmological theory and for his rejection of the ‘Big Bang‘ theory, a term coined by him on BBC radio. Ironically, he meant it to be dismissive.

But in addition to his work as an astronomer, Sir Fred Hoyle was a noted writer of science fiction, including a number of books co-written with his son Geoffrey Hoyle. His best-known work is probably the novel and BBC TV series A for Andromeda, co-written with John Elliot. Hoyle was knighted in 1972 and died in Bournemouth, in 2001, after a series of strokes.

Gateway celebrates the 100th anniversary of a great scientist and writer with the publication of nine eBooks:


Happy 100th Birthday, Sir Fred Hoyle!