The eagle-eyed among you have probably noticed that our four Home Page spotlights are unchanged from last week. This is because, we feel that a week is just too little time to express our huge admiration for the man who almost single-handedly reinvented modern fantasy – through his wonderful Eternal Champion concept, in general, and the creation of the great anti-hero, Elric, in particular – and played such a pivotal role in the development of the New Wave, through his inspired editorship of New Worlds.

So we’ve decided to let the spotlights remain for another week on Elric of Meliboné and Other Stories, The Jewel in the Skull, The Warhound and the World’s Pain and Gloriana; or, the Unfulfill’d Queen. But more than that, we’d also like to invite everyone with an interest in Michael Moorcock‘s work (and let us be clear: this should mean everyone, full stop) to stop by our new Michael Moorcock website – – which we’ve set up to help those lucky souls new to Mike’s work to make their way through the multiverse.

Want to know where to start with the sometimes bewildering array of interlinked series? We can help you with that.

Want to hear about what a huge influence Michael Moorcock has had on many of todya’s finest writers? We can help you with that.

Want to know a bit more about this Moorcock fellow we can’t stop talking about? We can help you with that.

Or maybe you’re a seasoned Moorcock fan and want to know why you should be so excited by the definitive editions in our Michael Moorcock Collection. We can help you with that, too.

Get thee hither to and start reading. And if, in the course of making your way through Mike’s oeuvre, you find a trope or a character or setting and think to yourself: ‘Hey, that’s a bit like [insert famous modern fantasy writer here]’ – the odds are extremely good that Michael Moorcock was there first.