SF Gateway Author of the Week: Nicola Griffith

There’s an international symmetry about two of our spotlighted authors this week. Pat Cadigan, author of our Editors’ Choice, Patterns, was born in the  United States but now lives in London, and our latest SF Gateway Author of the Week is the multi-award-winning Nicola Griffith, who was born in the UK and now lives in the US. This, dear readers, is how the SF Gateway maintains order in the cosmos and ensures that the world is kept in balance. Possibly.

Nicola Griffith‘s first novel, Ammonite, won the James Tiptree Jr and the Lambda Awards and was shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke and BSFA Awards. Her second novel, Slow River, won the NebulaLambda and Gaylactic Spectrum Awards. Both are available as SF Gateway eBooks (currently at £2.99 – did we mention the end-of-year sale?), with Ammonite currently available as an SF Masterworks paperback from Gollancz, and Slow River due to join it in February next year.

In addition to her decorations as an author, Nicola Griffith has also won the World Fantasy Award, two Lambdas and two Gaylactic Spectrum Awards for her work as an editor, for the three Bending the Landscape anthologies – SF, Fantasy & Horror – edited with Stephen Pagel.