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The Winds of Gath

The Winds of Gath

This is the tale of Earl Dumarest. Space-wanderer, gladiator-for-hire, seeker of Man’s forgotten home. Dumarest’s search begins on the ghost-world of Gath, where he becomes unwilling champion of the Matriarch of Kund, and must undergo a fight-to-the-death at stormtime. Victory could give Dumarest his first clue to the whereabouts of the planet he fled from as a child – an obscure world scarred by ancient wars, which lies countless light years from the thickly populated centre of the galaxy; a world no-one else in the inhabited universe believed exists. Earth, the birthplace of Man. (First published 1967)
The Dumarest eBook Collection

The Dumarest eBook Collection

This collection brings together the first six titles in E. C. Tubb’s epic SF saga, Dumarest, containing: The Winds of Gath Derai Toyman Kalin The Jester at Scar Lallia
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