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Welcome, Chaos

Welcome, Chaos

The more man learns, the more dangerous he becomes. The greater the civilization, the greater the chaos it eventually unleashes…

If you discovered the secret of immortality, to whom would you give it? To the scientists, the politicians, the military? To the Americans? The Russians? The Chinese?

If you weren’t after power or money or fame but really wanted to increase human happiness, what would you do with your secret? Go underground? Run away? Pray that you might outlive civilization and be given the chance to start it all over again?

And if the authorities found you, what would they do?

Here is a chilling, provocative and unforgettable novel about the present and the future of mankind.
Kate Wilhelm SF Gateway Omnibus

Kate Wilhelm SF Gateway Omnibus

Kate Wilhelm has a reputation as one of the 20th century’s finest SF writers. Winner of the Hugo Award for Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang, she has produced an impressive body of work in the fields of SF and crime, and – along with her late husband, Damon Knight – has had a profound influence beyond her writing, through the Milford and Clarion Science Fiction Writers’ Workshops. This omnibus contains novels The Clewiston Test and Welcome, Chaos and story collection The Infinity Box.

THE CLEWISTON TEST: Anne Clewiston would soon be hailed as a miracle worker. She had almost perfected the formula for a drug which would banish all pain from the world. The Lab tests went on; the caged apes were thriving, all the results positive. The next step – humans. Then, one night, a chimpanzee went berserk…

THE INFINITY BOX: A man’s eerie ability to enter – and control – the mind of a vulnerable young woman turns into a sexual nightmare…A hack writer with fading skills finds his soap operas foretelling the future…His retirement present, a watch, takes a man back into his own past…American soldiers attack the wrong country – their own!

WELCOME, CHAOS: Lyle is asked to spy on Saul Werther, who is thought to be a drug dealer. She finds him charming but realises she has been set up…Saul has developed a major breakthrough in the medical world which he is keeping secret, and Lyle has been sent there to uncover his secrets…
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