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Twenty-Four Hours

Twenty-Four Hours

Fate’s selection of Nick and Pat for the task of preserving the world is one of those problems which will always remain unsolved. Outwardly, they were hardly a suitable pair. One was liable to be branded a traitor; the other was incurably ill. And yet to them fell the colossal responsibility of doing what they did – destroying the alien threat at terrible sacrifice to themselves…
The Micro Men

The Micro Men

An intense human quietness was upon the laboratory. Annexed though it was to the rambling reaches of the Research Council Building, wherein experimental analyses from atomic power to weed-killer were taking place twenty-four hours a day, no external sounds penetrated the proofed, heavily-insulated walls…
Lunar Justice

Lunar Justice

The powerful Peace Eternal corporation has a solution to Earth’s staggering overpopulation problem: a government-supported program of clean, efficient mass murder. Billionaire philanthropist Michael Dore has a better way – Lamplighter, a remarkable process that will enable safe colonization of Jupiter’s moons. But Dore has been set up to be tried for treason before a kangaroo lunar court. And Quentin Thomas, a patent lawyer with astonishing telekinetic abilities, is to handle the defense. Unfortunately, the Moon’s corrupt Lord Chancellor and his bought jury have already sentenced the accused and his attorney to death – unless Jupiter catches fire…within twenty-four hours.
The Green Odyssey

The Green Odyssey

In Peril on an Alien Planet…

Alan Green was not a hero – he liked the quiet life as much as the next man. Not that he was exactly afraid of the fearsome hound, Alzo, or his hot-blooded owner, the Duchess Zuni. After all, one expected violence on this primitive planet and a man could manage to stay alive, provided he was alert twenty-four hours a day.

But when he heard of a spaceship about to leave for Earth, Alan persuaded the merchant-captain of a windroller to take him to it. And hence to the peaceful green hills of home.

He had reckoned without the vagaries of the windroller, pirates, the ‘travelling islands’, the rascally captain, and various peculiar local flora and fauna – all of which, it seemed, regarded Alan with unnerving malevolence…
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