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Spirits of Flux and Anchor

Spirits of Flux and Anchor

Cassie did not feel the Soul Rider enter her body…

…but suddenly she knew that Anchor was corrupt. Knew that the Flux beyond Anchor was no formless void, from which could issue only mutant changelings and evil wizards…

…Flux was the source of Anchor’s existence!

The price of her knowledge is exile – the first confrontation with the Seven Who Wait for the redemption of World…

This is book one in the Soul Rider series.
Masters of Flux and Anchor

Masters of Flux and Anchor

Mervyn, wizard and Fluxlord, leader of the Nine Who Guard, faces the ultimate threat of the opposing Seven Who Wait: the opening of the Hellgates to World. Closed more than two thousand years ago, they are portals to unknowable danger and, perhaps, great power.

Mervyn must gather the shattered forces of guardianship, dispersed and reeling after the battle with Coydt:

Cassie, once the powerful saint and crusader, now the brainwashed slave of an oppressive male dictatorship.

Spirit, her daughter, controlled by her mysterious Soul Raider.

Jeff, Spirit’s son

Matson: he will lead the entire force of the Stringers Guild to war, if need be.

But all of them are doomed to death unless they can become Masters of Flux and Anchor.
Jack L. Chalker SF Gateway Omnibus

Jack L. Chalker SF Gateway Omnibus

A fan from an early age, Chalker was also active as an editor, founding a small press in his early 20s, but it is as a writer that he is best known. Although his earliest novels were singletons, he soon turned his attention to the sequences that would dominate his career: most notably, The Well of Souls series.

This omnibus collects the first volume of that series, MIDNIGHT AT THE WELL OF SOULS; book one of his Soul Rider series, SPIRITS OF FLUX AND ANCHOR; and standalone novel, THE IDENTITY MATRIX.