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The Spirit of Dorsai

The Spirit of Dorsai

The Dorsai are the finest soldiers ever trained to fight and win against all odds. The Spirit of Dorsai is an illumination of the heart and soul of the planet Dorsai and its people, showing with epic clarity and unforgettable vision how why the Dorsai fight and live. It tells of the beginning when the first Dorsai was former by mercenaries willing to fight other’s battles to buy freedom for their own homes. It tells how even children and old men fought for the dream of Dorsai. From the mouth of Amanda Morgan, direct descendant of two illustrious women who bore her name, the full story is told in all its splendour.
The Dorsai! eBook Collection

The Dorsai! eBook Collection

The perfect introduction to Gordon R. Dickson’s acclaimed and influential Dorsai! sequence – one of the first and still one of the best military SF series. The Dorsai! eBook Collection contains: Dorsai! Necromancer Soldier, Ask Not Tactics of Mistake The Spirit of Dorsai Lost Dorsai
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