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Sight of Proteus

Sight of Proteus

In the 22nd century a combination of computer-augmented bio-feedback and chemo-therapy techniques has given man the ability not only to heal himself, but to change himself – to alter his very shape at will. But Form Change has its darker aspects, ranging from unautorized experimentation on human subjects to a threat to the very essence of humanity – a SIGHT OF PROTEUS.
Proteus Unbound

Proteus Unbound

There were problems with the Form Change process. One or two malfunctions at first: people emerging from the tanks in an incorrect form or completely unchanged.

For three years it had been getting worse. Now there had been deaths, and on the Space Farms panic was setting in. People were refusing to go into the tanks. Yet out in the Cloudlands, they needed continuous small form corrections just to stay effective. As the faults increased, their society was on an exponential curve to disaster.

Behrooz Wolf, down in the Inner System, was sent for. But far gone in despair, he was in no state to help. He himself was going mad. Like a hallucination, the Dancing Man would come capering across his field of vision. Dressed in skin-tight scarlet, he danced up to him, mouthing gibberish, then skipping backwards, tantalisingly, out of sight.

While, hidden in the Kernel Ring, Black Ransone bided his time, waiting for the disintegration of the empires, waiting to inherit the universe.
Charles Sheffield SF Gateway Omnibus

Charles Sheffield SF Gateway Omnibus

Physicist and writer Charles Sheffield very quickly built a reputation for imaginative, cleverly-plotted hard SF. In his second novel he posited the concept of a space elevator simultaneously to – but independent of – Arthur C. Clarke. This omnibus contains three of his finest works: debut novel, SIGHT OF PROTEUS; planetary romance, SUMMERTIDE; and space opera, COLD AS ICE.
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