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Sarah Canary

Sarah Canary

Welcome to the Best of the Masterworks: A selection of the finest in science fiction

Black-cloaked Sarah Canary is the ugliest woman Chin Ah Kin could ever imagine. But after she wanders into a railway camp in the Washington territories in 1873, Chin is ordered by his uncle to escort her away. Far away.
What should be simple journey quickly escalates beyond Chin’s control, into a series of adventures and misadventures that are at once hilarious, deeply moving, and downright terrifying. Who – or what – is the mysterious Sarah Canary? And why can’t Chin leave her, even for his own good?

Co-founder of the James Tiptree Jr. Award, Karen Joy Fowler is a multi-award-winning novelist. Her accolades include three World Fantasy Awards and two Nebula awards. Sarah Canary was her debut novel in 1991, and it was nominated for the Nebula, Locus and James Tiptree Jr. awards, winning the California Book Award Silver Medal.

‘A picaresque romp that takes a good, long look into the human heart, this is a stunning debut’ – Publishers Weekly
‘The characters and the theme shine’ – LA Times
‘Powerfully imagined . . . Here is a work that manages to be at the same time (and often in the same sentence) dark and deep and fun’ – The Washington Post Book World
Artificial Things

Artificial Things

An extraordinary collection of short stories from the award-winning author of Sarah Canary. Including “Praxis”, the story about a theater where the real and unreal collide; “The Poplar Street Study”, Fowler’s darkly comic account of an alien invasion; and “The Gates of Ghosts”, in which a child journeys to a strange and deadly world, this anthology of 13 tales also features a new foreword by the author.

The lake was full of artificial things – The Poplar Street study – Face value – The dragon’s head – The war of the roses – Contention – Recalling Cinderella – Other planes – The gate of ghosts – The bog people -Wild boys: variations on a theme – The view from Venus – Praxis
Black Glass

Black Glass

Gifted novelist Fowler (Sarah Canary and The Sweetheart Season) delights in the arcane, and, as a result, these 15 clever tales are occasionally puzzling but never dull.

In the long title story, temperance activist Carry Nation is resurrected in the 1990s (“We’re talking about a very troubled, very big woman,” says one shaken barman to reporters) and becomes such a nuisance that the DEA is forced to dispatch her with voodoo. Other plots are only slightly less outrageous in conceit. In “Lieserl,” a lovesick madwoman dupes Albert Einstein into believing he has a daughter; in “The Faithful Companion at Forty,” Tonto admits to second thoughts about his biggest life choice (“But for every day, for your ordinary life, a mask is only going to make you more obvious. There’s an element of exhibitionism in it”). “The Travails” offers a peek at the one-sided correspondence of Mary Gulliver, who wants Lemuel to come home already and help out around the house. The homage to Swift makes sense, for, when Fowler doesn’t settle for amusing her readers, she makes a lively satirist. The extraterrestrials who appear in her stories (whether the inscrutably sadistic monsters in “Duplicity” or the members of a seminar studying late-1960s college behavior in “The View from Venus: A Case Study”) seem stand-ins for the author herself, who, in elegant and witty prose, cultivates the eye of a curious alien and, along the way, unfolds eccentric plots that keep the pages turning.

Black Glass (1991), Contention (1986), Shimabara (1995), The Elizabeth Complex (1996), Go Back (1998), The Travails (1998), Lieserl (1990), Letters from Home (1987), Duplicity (1989), The Faithful Companion at Forty (1987), The Brew (1995), Lily Red (1988), The Black Fairy’s Curse (1997), The View from Venus (1986), Game Night at the Fox and Goose (1989)
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