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Raising The Stones

Raising The Stones

A moving, compulsive science fiction novel from one of the best writers in the field

When the human settlers arrived on Hobbs Land, the native intelligent species, the Owlbrit, were already almost extinct. Before the last one died, a few years later, the humans had learned a little of their language, their ideas and their religion. It seemed the natural thing for the settlers to maintain the last Owlbrit temple, with the strange statue that was its God. When that God died – disintegrating overnight – it seemed equally natural to start preparing its replacement.

Maire Manone came to Hobbs Land to escape the harsh patriarchal religion of Voorstod, but Voorstod hasn’t forgotten her – or forgiven her. But the men who arrive on Hobbs Land to find and return Maire to her homeland haven’t taken Hobbs Land’s God into account …
Stonehenge: Where Atlantis Died

Stonehenge: Where Atlantis Died

Three men against the might of Atlantis…

Fleeing from the volcanic eruption that devastated the island kingdom of Atlantis, three men escape to Britain – the island of the Yerni. The three are Prince Ason of Mycenae, the Egyptian envoy Iteb and Aias, the man from Byblos whom Atlantis had enslaved.

Mycenae’s vital British tin mines have been laid waste – their guardians massacred. The three voyagers – together with Naikeri, proud daughter of the Albi and Ason’s lover – take on the warlike Yerni.

Then their old enemies the Atlanteans invade, and it becomes imperative to unite the Yerni against them, to forge a new nation from warring tribes by raising the mighty stone symbol of a new order…
Undersea Fleet

Undersea Fleet

Everyone at the Academy knew that sea serpents were, without a doubt, silly superstitions. Everyone but David Craken, that is. This young cadet from Marinia had been born and raised four miles beneath the waves, and he knew that more than rich new fuel sources and precious stones lay in wait for the men who dared invade this last frontier.

But when David dived into the depths at thirteen hundred feet and disappeared – only to reappear, drifting offshore months later – his friend Jim Eden learned there was more truth to certain superstitions than he cared to believe. On a strange and hazardous journey, Jim and the men of the Sub-Sea Academy suddenly found themselves up against the dangerous creatures of the deep – and embroiled in a life-against-life adventure they would never forget!
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