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One Winter in Eden

One Winter in Eden

One Winter in Eden contains the following tales: “One Winter in Eden” “Seasons of Belief” “Cold War Orphans” “The Yukio Mishima Cultural Association of Kudzu Valley, Georgia” “Out of the Mouths of Olympus” “Patriots” “Collaborating” “Within the Walls of Tyre” “The Monkey’s Bride” “Vernalfest Morning” “Saving Face” “The Quickening”
Time And Again

Time And Again

Si Morley is marking time: he’s bored with his job as a commercial artist, and his social life doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. So when he’s approached by an affable ex-football star and told that he’s just what the government is looking for to be part of a a top secret project, he doesn’t hesitate for long. And one night he steps out of his twentieth-century New York apartment into the winter of 1882, and finds a kind of Eden. Or does he?
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