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Not For All The Gold In Ireland

Not For All The Gold In Ireland

The hard years on the Amber Road had changed Photinus the Greek. He had won a fortune and lost an eye and married various wives and become a God. His cousin Philebus had played the game of the pea and the three cups; now, reluctantly, Photinus – Votan – set off to retrieve the Deed of Monopoly to all the Gold of Ireland.

Sequel to the remarkable VOTAN, NOT FOR ALL THE GOLD IN IRELAND continues the adventures of John James’ reluctant hero Photinus. One of the forgotten classics of fantasy, the duology is ripe for rediscovery. Fans include Neil Gaiman, who has provided a new introduction to the Fantasy Masterwork collection.
The Crock of Gold

The Crock of Gold

The Crock of Gold is a unique mixture of philosophy, Irish folklore and the battle of the sexes all with charm, humour and good grace, rotating around the astonishing story of what happens when Pan shows up in Ireland, what Angus Og does about it, and what becomes of the Daughter of Murrachu who gets caught in between them.
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