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Midnight at the Well of Souls

Midnight at the Well of Souls

Entered by a thousand unsuspected gateways – built by a race lost in the clouds of time – Well World transforms creatures of any sort into different forms.

So, spacefarer Nathan Brazil is not surprised to find himself accompanied by a batman, an amorous female centaur and a mermaid as he sets out on his strange mission.

Yet Nathan Brazil’s own metamorphosis is more terrifying than any of the others – and with the gradual return of his memory comes the secret of the Well World.
Jack L. Chalker SF Gateway Omnibus

Jack L. Chalker SF Gateway Omnibus

A fan from an early age, Chalker was also active as an editor, founding a small press in his early 20s, but it is as a writer that he is best known. Although his earliest novels were singletons, he soon turned his attention to the sequences that would dominate his career: most notably, The Well of Souls series.

This omnibus collects the first volume of that series, MIDNIGHT AT THE WELL OF SOULS; book one of his Soul Rider series, SPIRITS OF FLUX AND ANCHOR; and standalone novel, THE IDENTITY MATRIX.
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