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The Final Encyclopedia

The Final Encyclopedia

The Final Encyclopedia tells of the events which occur when the human race is split into three splinter cultures: the Friendlies, fanatic in their faith; the truth-seeking Exotics; and the warrior Dorsai. But now humanity is threatened by the power-hungry Others, whose triumph would end all human progress.

Hal Mayne is an orphan who was raised by three tutors: an Exotic, a Friendly and a Dorsai. He is the only human capable of uniting humanity against the Others. But only if he is willing to accept the terrible destiny of . . . Saviour of mankind.
The Chantry Guild

The Chantry Guild

Only one thing could lure Hal Mayne away from his research aboard the Final Encyclopedia. It was the shattering news of the Younger Worlds’ oncoming defeat – an inevitable triumph for the cross-cultural hybrids known as the Others.

To save Earth’s future in space, Hal must journey to the planet Kultis, where the powerful alternate forces have been mastered by the top secret Chantry Guild. There, Hal Mayne will meet his greatest challenge and ultimate fate – one that will alter mankind’s destiny forever.
Young Bleys

Young Bleys

By the workings of chance Bleys Ahrens was born the genetic equal of Hal Mayne, the hero of The Final Encyclopedia, but he was destined by nurture to a far different fate. Raised alone by his unhappy Exotic mother, Bleys was an outcast from every society until his half-brother Dahno claimed him. Disciplined by Friendlies, schooled by Exotics, Dahno was beginning to build an interplanetary network of half-breeds, who called themselves “Others”.

But Dahno thought only of gaining wealth and power for himself; Bleys saw an opportunity to challenge the Dorsai for control of the Human Worlds.
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