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The Xothic Cycle

The Xothic Cycle

The late Lin Carter was a prolific writer and anthologist of horror and fantasy with over eighty titles to his credit. His tales of Mythos horror are loving tributes to H. P. Lovecraft’s ‘revision’ tales and to August Derleth’s stories of Hastur and the R’lyeh Text. This collection of Carter’s Mythos tales includes all five Xothic Legend Cycle stories:

– The Dweller in the Tomb
– Out of the Ages
– The Horror in the Gallery
– The Thing in the Pit
– The Winfield Heritance

Filled with mind-bending, soul-warping terror, Carter taps into the eldritch horrors that Lovecraft brought into the world…
Rulers of the Darkness

Rulers of the Darkness

In his previous ‘Darkness’ books – Into the Darkness, Darkness Descending, and Through the Darkness – bestselling author Harry Turtledove has been telling an epic tale of a world at war; a dark mirror of the terrible wars of our own twentieth century, set in a world where battles are fought with magic rather than technology.

Imagine the drama and terror of the Second World War in such a place. The death, the destruction, the sheer scale of the horror is the same – but the bullets are beams of eldritch fire, the tanks are great horned and taloned beasts, and fighters and bombers are dragons raining fire upon their targets. This is the world of the Derlavaian continent, a world that is slowly but surely being conquered, mile after bloody mile, by the forces of the Algarvian Empire… forces whose most terrible battle magics are powered by the slaughter of innocent people.

In this, the forth volume of the series, following on from Through the Darkness, the war for the future of Derlavai builds towards its crescendo as the mages of Kuusamo, aided by their former rivals from Lagoas, work desperately to create a newer form of magic. Magic of unprecedented destructive power. Magic that will change the course of the future.
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