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The Eater of Worlds

The Eater of Worlds


On a far semi-desert world, shunned by trade routes, and unattractive to star travellers, there is a barren and isolated valley. Dominating this valley is a great time-eroded Sphinx-like construction – a mass known to the few who have looked upon it as the Skull of Sykoris.

Cap Kennedy followed a dangerous trail across many worlds – a trail of murder, duels, and evil – to find that it ended there, before the Skull, confronting a mystery older than all mankind.

Beneath that Sphinx lay something desired by Earth’s old enemies. Beneath it lay something that lured the criminal minds of many worlds. But what it was none knew – until Cap Kennedy himself released the frightful power of the Eater of Worlds.
The Dreaming Earth

The Dreaming Earth

A daring novel of mankind’s strange and startling destiny. . .

Here is a novel to equal Arthur C. Clarke’s great work, Childhood’s End. It tells with frightening clarity of a desperately stricken Earth – wracked by overpopulation and plagued by famine and despair.

It tells, too, of a new breed of men and women – twenty-first century lotus eaters caught up in a mysterious euphoria which will ultimately threaten all life on this planet: the drug-induced world of ‘happy dreams’. Do these ‘happy dreamers’ herald the end of the human race – or the next extraordinary step in the evolution of Man?

First published in 1963.
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